1. Reservations

1.1 Services Reservation

All service reservation (Excursions, Programs, transfers etc) will only be received via email  (ventas@fullpatagoniatour.com) and will be answered and / or confirmed within 48 hours (business days) by the same way. The following information of each passenger will be required:

  • HOTEL or PLACE OF ACCOMMODATION if applicable.


1.2 Confirmation of Reservation

All bookings for services such as excursions, transfers, hotels, programs, etc. will be considered only as “blockedThey will become “Confirmed Reservations ¨ upon payment. Payment must be done in full before the date of service. (See: 2 Payment of Services). The confirmation of each booking is made by email and it will mention any necessary change of the service, such as schedules, cancellation, postponement or change of date.

1.3 Basic Conditions

                Reservations and purchases are managed by FULL PATAGONIA TOUR in conjunction with their service providers (land tour operators, hotels, transportation and other services.) Rates and conditions are subject to change without notice and are solely the responsibility of the service provider. This mean that in some cases conditions of booking, payment and cancellation of each supplier before and / or during the service may be applied with previous notice.

1.4 Rates and Taxes

Rates are expressed in Chilean Pesos ($) and / or U.S. dollars (USD). All values in Chilean Pesos include VAT tax. Chilean resident tourist does not pay taxes if they pay in U.S. Dollars. Those who reside in Chile must pay 19% VAT tax (Hotels)

2. Payment of Services

2.1 Amounts and Deadline


                Once service be confirmed by our "staff" (Tours, Hotels, Transfers, programs etc.) a payment of at least 50% of the total must be done within a period not exceeding 48 hours and / or the period that will be indicated. The remaining balance must be paid at most in following periods:

  • Only, Land and Sea Excursions, Transfers, etc.:  12 days before the service.


  • Programs (involving hotel, excursions, transfers etc): 48 days before the service.
  • Only Accommodation:  It will be informed due the several commercial policies of hotels.


               If the reservation is made very close to the departure date or within the above deadlines the full payment of services will be requested and same terms and penalties will be applied (see 3. Booking Cancellation and Penalties) in case of cancellation request.

               FULL PATAGONIA TOUR might ask the passenger for "Down payment and / or payment of the reservation" their credit card details. This information is collected by filling in a form which is sent as an attachment. In addition, a copy of the passport or Identification card.

2.2  Means of payment:

                The means of payment for any service will be the following:

1. - Deposit or Bank transfer.


Transfer or Bank Deposit

Chilean Pesos ($)
Name: Hotel y Turismo Chalet Chapital EIRL
Bank: Banco de Chile
Checking Account:  290-09802-05
Rut: 76.050.119-0
Punta Arenas

Dollars (USD)
Name: Deisy Margarette Hutt Calisto
Banco Santander Santiago  / Swift Code: BSCHCLRM
Checking Account N° 510004865-7
Rut: 9.732.916-8
Punta Arenas

  • In the case of payment by transfer or bank deposit please send a copy of the transaction by e-mail. Our staff will reply acknowledging the receipt as soon as possible.


  • Any costs, extra payments or bank transfer charges shall be borne by the passenger. The amount according each range must be added to total rate and will be the following:





From U$$ 0 up US$ 200

US$ 10

From U$$ 1.001 up US$ 2.500

U$D 70

From U$$ 201 up US$ 350 

US$ 25

From US$ 2.501 up US$ 5.000

U$D 75

From U$$ 351 up US$ 500 

U$D 60

From US$ 5.001 up US$ 20.000

US$ 80

From U$$ 501 up US$ 1.000 

U$D 65

From US$ 20.001 up US$ 50.000

0,33 %

2. - Charge to Credit or Debit Card:

  • Passengers will have to complete a form that will be sent with card details which must be signed and sent back as scanned document for our "staff" proceed with charge.


  • Credit card payments will incur a surcharge of 3% on the total value.


3. Cancellation of Booking and Penalties:

3.1 Cancellation Requests

Cancellations of services (Tours, Programs, Transfers, etc) must be requested by the passengers only via email and will be answered by the same way. Reservations that are not paid in the amounts and corresponding periods will be automatically canceled without notice.

3.2 Deadlines and Penailties:
Deadlines and/or Penalties or refunds by cancellations will be the followings:

Only Land and Sea Excursions, Transfers, etc:

  • 10 days or more before service: 100% of total value or paid amount will be refunded.
  • 9 up 1 days before service: There wont be refund.

Programs (involving or combining hotel, excursions, transfers etc)

  • 45 days or more prior program: U$D 25 will be retained (operationals expenses) and total remaining refunded.
  • 44 up 31 days prior program:  Only 50 % of total value or paid amount will be refunded.
  • 30 up 21 days prior program:  Only 25 % of total value or paid amount will be refunded.
  • 20 up 1 day prior program:  There wont be refund.

Only Accommodation:  It will be informed due the several commercial policies of hotels.

The corresponding refunds will be made within approximately 15 days after cancelation request through bank transfer. All expenses of this operation shall be borne by the passenger and will be deducted and / or reported.



FULL PATAGONIA TOUR / Tourist Operator:


  • It acts only as an intermediary between the customer and the passenger or travel suppliers, excursions, transportation, etc and is subject to change itineraries or frequencies or terms.
  • No responsibility for loss or additional expenses due to delays involved and / or program changes that are not warned in advance by the passenger, or for delays of air connections, nor for loss and / or damage of luggage or belongings for transport services and / or transfers.


  • Together with our providers we will offer equivalent services in compensation for cancellations, suspensions or modifications by climatic conditions whenever possible. If this is not possible, we will proceed to reimburse all or part of the amount paid. However we will not refund the money paid for the reservations in the event of political, social problems, natural disasters, among others. In which case we will cancel or modify the national tour.
  • Require each customer or passenger to comply with the conditions or requirements of the service or site of the tour, and we have the right to remove or prohibit the participation of a passenger endangering its own integrity or that of others or compromise the continuity of the service.


  • The no-show of passengers at the time and / or place for any service, due personal or external reasons (eg delays or flight cancellations) will mean the loss of service without right to refund.
  • Note that all reservations, fares, schedules, accommodations and services are subject to change by the suppliers may have extra expenses that must be paid by him or passengers.


  • Purchases of any services constitutes that passenger or client accept all terms and conditions mentioned in this document.