For all cruise passengers who only have one day available, we offer this service of combined tours for a better enjoy when passing through our land. You may know and admire the city, historical sites, fauna, cattle ranches and more. Passengers can opt for 1 or 2 excursions, and also have the chance of including lunch in the city or in any ranch in the area.




CITY TOUR : An attractive tour by its main square surrounded by historical buildings and the Hernando de Magallanes´s monument, by its museums like the  Braun Menendez Palace a place to know the life style of the beginnings of the XX or the Salesian Museum Maggiorino Borgatello that have culture exhibitions of history, religion, art, fauna, flora and regional commerce. We will also visit the cemetery an historical place full of beautiful gardens and the traditional  monument to the sheperd . To end the visit we will go to the lookout of Cerro de la Cruz, where we can see the city from above as well as the Strait of Magellan and the Tierra del Fuego Island.


NAO VICTORIA  : At 4 miles of Punta Arenas by the shores of Strait of Magellan is located the Nao Victoria Museun .It is an interactive proposal that allows visitors to relive the history of the great navigators and explorers of our region (Magallanes, Williams and Shackleton to date) Their ships are rebuilt with historical certainty, all ships also feature, copies of hardware, sailing rig and even some life-size mannequins as well as clothing and weapons of the age.The Museum also has a technology platform that features: audio guides in six languages, touch screen, robotics and automation lighting and surround sound. An audiovisual room is also available.


PATAGONIA HISTORY PARK (Fort Bulnes – Port Famine):  An interesting tour to observe a lot of typical edifications and ship stuck in the sand that takes us back to another times. We will see the landscape that gives shelter to a variety of wildlife. Almost getting to the park, we have a monument indicating the Geographical Center of Chile, this includes from the south pole to Arica. The detour to the west takes to the ruins of the city of Rey Don Felipe, known as Puerto de Hambre (Port Famine). Finally, the central road takes us to the facilities of Fort Bulnes, the most important historical site and the first bastion of the region and the starting point for the colonization of the Chilean government that dating back to 1843.


OTWAY SOUND PENGUIN COLONY : It is the meeting point for hundreds of Magellan Penguins, that each year come back to this area for nesting. The colony is located at 40 miles north of Punta Arenas, passing through Cabo Negro, Kon Aiken (“place of winds” in Tehuelche dialect)that is one of the biggest coal mines of Chile, outside a great variety of birds like: wild goose, rheas and flamingos. Once we get there, we will walk along a wood trail path in which we will share the hábitat of this beautiful specie. No doubt the scenery, plus the penguins will make of this excursion something unforgettable. After this we will return to Punta Arenas.


ANDINO CLUB: The reserve is located at 5 miles of the city only, and offers some interesting and easy trail paths for hike lovers amidst  the tranquility of nature, which will show the hidden beauty among the flora of young forest as "lenga" and the evergreen "coigüe ". The observation of a wild "avifauna" is also posible , standing out "Woodpeckers" "Eaglets" if we are lucky among others. The tour ends at a viewpoint where you can enjoy a fabulous panoramic view of the capital city, the famous Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego Island.


MAGDALENA ISLAND PENGUIN COLONY: After 2 hours of sailing in a modern Ferry reach the Magdalena island located in the Strait of Magellan (22 nautical miles). The island has 150,000 penguins being the largest Magellan penguin colony in the area. She was named a National Park in 1966 and reclassified as Natural Monument in mid-October 1982 start arriving the first couples to start playing, nesting and moult, this whole process will last until mid-March, in addition the island will see a variety of shorebirds and southern dolphins.


MAGDALENA AND MARTA ISLANDS : The eco system  of this two islands make mandatory the visit. Marta Island is home for more than 1,000 sea lions, cormorants, skuas, terns Southern doves and Antarctic Elephant Seals . Magdalena Island is one of the largest colonies of Magellanic Penguins . During navigation is possible to see Southern Dolphins Toninas. For protection reasons of wildlife is only posible to circumnavigate Marta Island where passengers can admire and photograph the Colony and diversity of seabirds . In Magdalena Island all visitors can disembark around an hour .This navigation is carried out in zodiacs boats.




OLGA TERESA RANCH: Its situated at 48 miles of the city of Punta Arenas and its is a typical Patagonian Chilean. All visitors can enjoy the ranching traditions , typical of the Magallanes Region , have a encounter with nature in a unique and welcoming atmosphere and enjoy the exquisite taste of a lamb barbacue. On depending of choosen option passengers can be witness of art of sheep shearing, a demonstration of work done by sheepdogs and horses and a show of ¨rodeo" (our national sport). Nowdays this place is one of the most important companies dedicated to shearing activity.


Located at 4 Kms South of the city, offers to visitors a number of alternatives , standing out an exquisite roasted lamb to stick in a large and comfortable lounge, which can be supplemented with selectable options as a visit to the museum, watching a historical video, learning on the flora interpretive trail, visiting the barn and appreciating a sheep shearing show, a typical Patagonian activity. A very good alternative close to town and with a very good service.


An interesting place belonging to a pioneer family in the region, located only 5 and a half km away south from Punta Arenas, that for reasons of development and local growth it is now inside en the city itself, which allow us to take the ranch closer to the city for visitors and the people from the city, through the different alternatives that integrates culture, tourism and family, combining food and cake recipes from our ancestress with the history and the present of the Patagonia.

Museums and Cemetery of Punta Arenas                         


MAGGIORINO BORGATELLO SALESIAN MUSEUM: It offers a very interesting exhibition in 4 levels divided into sections of ethnology, archeology, history and wildlife and other branches. Objects and documents of the Salesian work, indigenous crafts and utensils . Fossils and petrified animals are also part of the exhibition.

Floors or levels: 4  /  Toilets: YES /  Elevator: NO (Ladder not suitable for disabled passengers)


MUSEUM OF REMENBRANCES: An outdoor place that holds a collection of objects, machinery and tools dating back of the origins of the population in the region, standing out Livestock Pavilion, Old Garage, the Pioneer House, etc. At present about 3,000 objects organized in a museological perspective with cultural information are exhibited there.

 Floors or levels: 1-  Outdoor wood trails paths and recreations  / Toilets: YES


BRAUN MENENDEZ PALACE: Currently this Museum-Palace offers an exhibition divided into three sections: Época: where visitors can observe European furniture with Neoclassical or Art Nouveau style; Historia: with objects related to the history of the region and the city; Zócalo: with kitchen services and bathrooms and bedrooms of the easement.

Floors or Levels: 2  / Toilets : YES / Elevator: NO


MUNICIPAL CEMETERY: A very well-preserved and cared place. The cemetery has avenues with europeans cypress that give an English air,  leading to tombs and mausoleums of the most important companies and pioneer families, some of them decorated with different styles and details in marble, bronze and sculptures of wrought iron.

Floors or Levels : 1  / Toilets : YES



• Vehicles to be used:                         

Comfortable air-conditioned vehicles driven by professional drivers with a high knowledge of local routes. All vehicles are authorized by the Chilean Transportation Authority.


• Local guides in different languages : ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, ITALIAN and PORTUGUESE





In Punta Arenas: (Example): Appetizer: Calafate Sour, Pisco Sour or Vaina / Kingcrab, Parmesan Oysters or Salad / Main Course: Kingcrab, Grilled Lamb, Chicken or Salmon with rice, natural potatoes or mixed salad / Dessert : Calafate or Rhubarb Mousse, fruit salads / Wine, Beer, Juice or Mineral Water.
In Ranches: Homemade Pisco Sour, Chilean wine, juice or mineral water, homemade bread, roast lamb to stick with natural potatoes.